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Canopy’s Content Innovation Team delivers Services and Technology streamlining the Content Lifecycle
Canopy delivers services and technology to address the challenges Life Science companies face throughout the content lifecycle. We focus on eliminating inefficiencies inherent within the supply chain with the goal of accelerating the delivery of content to HCP’s and patients, resulting in improved patient outcomes. Services are delivered by our highly trained, agile team of over 175 content and technology experts.
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Kevin Liggett
Kevin Liggett
Head of Content Innovation
Jason Sundberg
Jason Sundberg
Executive Director of Content Strategy

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Modular Content Strategy & Implementation


When deciding to implement a modular content program to create and review content more quickly and consistently, it is imperative to outline your organizational strategy to accomplish key objectives.  Key activities at this stage include defining an effective content structure, identifying key business processes to update, and creating key program objectives and KPIs to guide the program and measure success.  We provide a team with deep experience in modular content strategy and can help your program create a strong foundation.

Program Design

To design a modular content program involves executing the classic plan phase of project management but must involve a deep understanding of the business and technology requirements to properly design, implement, and manage the initiative.  Our team has both deep project management and modular content subject matter expertise to work with your team to design the project plan, ways of working, detailed content taxonomy, high level business processes, and technology partner requirements.


Canopy’s team of experts knows how to implement a modular content program, which span over both the build and the deployment phase of the initiative.  During the build, we help manage the updating of detailed step by step business processes and SOPs, implementation of business rules, and creation of new roles and responsibilities to support this new way of working with content. During deployment, we help manage the piloting of the solution to one brand, refining business processes and technology configuration, and then slowly rolling out to rest of your organization.

Modular Content Support Services

After the modular content is deployed, some new roles and responsibilities result, and Canopy is here to help you run modular content operations.   Many customers find that they need some extra help in the roles of Digital Asset Management (DAM) librarian, claims manager, business rules manager, or even just MLR coordinators who are familiar with a modular content approach.  Canopy has a team of professionals that can help you in one or more of these areas ongoing.

Products & Tools

Our core themes include visibility, automation, and adoption of new capabilities across the commercial content lifecycle. Visibility relates to understanding current challenges and bottlenecks clearly to help making data driven decisions.  Automation ties to easing the workload on people performing operational tasks within our Life Science customers. Adoption of new methods to significantly improve content delivery can be covered with specific technologies.

The Content Innovation product group is developing a set of tools and Veeva/CMS platform add-ons that will expedite processes and reduce manual efforts throughout the content delivery lifecycle.

Canopy's Content Innovation team is forward thinking and technically minded. They analyze problems carefully from different perspectives and are true partners, resulting in collaborative and meaningful decisions being made to the benefit of the deliverable.
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Canopy possesses an unparalleled understanding of the SaaS market and related technologies. They navigate the product lifecycle with ease, taking ownership of crucial details and executing flawless launches.

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